Leak Detection

How much water is wasted with “a slow drip” per day/month/year?


  • Assume that a 1 drop of water is being wasted every second,
  • in a day you will have wasted approximately 4.3 litres,
  • in a month that will be approximately 131 litres,
  • and in a year a staggering 1577 litres will be lost.


And that is just one small leak, having a leak on your main municipal line could be HUGE!​

How water leaks could damage your property


Compromised Foundations: With water pouring constantly into the earth, soggy ground surrounding the foundations could cause a shift, resulting in the foundation moving.


Mould and Rot: With water entering the home, it tends to create an ideal breeding ground, especially for the harmful mould and mildew. Mould not only smells bad, but also endangers the family. Constant presence of water can cause wood to rot and compromise the structural integrity of your home.​ 

If you leave leaking water main pipes or leaking swimming pool pipes they will cause lots of damage.

"The leak in your water main could be costing more than you think"

Do You Need a so called Leak Detection expert?


Leaks may occur at any point in time but finding where the leak is can be tricky. Water by nature flows to the lowest point meaning that often the origin of the leak and where you see the evidence of a leak can be in two different places Using specialised equipment, will narrow down the time to repair and in the process save you money.​

With over 30 years of hands-on experience, you can trust Stop-A-Leak with all your leak detection issues. With Stop-A-Leak you will enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that we are one of a small handful of companies offering trusted expertise in leak detection and plumbing.​

Have a look at how we find a leak in this leak detection video

Interesting Information

Try our


To use the calculator, count the number of drips you get in 1 (one) minute, from a leaky pipe/tap/toilet/shower etc. Then use the slider to show the number of drips you counted.​​

We find and repair leaks fast!

We are approved to provide emergency services during the national lock-down.​



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